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Blueshift Multisport

Founded in 2009, Blueshift Multisport, LLC is a leading provider of personalized triathlon coaching services in the Greater Boston area. Our sprint, olympic, half-iron, and ironman triathlon training programs are custom designed from the ground up to integrate with your busy lifestyle AND accelerate your progress. We also coach runners for half-marathon and marathon racing, as well as Cat 3-5 cyclists looking to move up from the peloton to the podium. The Blueshift online community inspires cyclists, runners, and triathletes of all ability levels, many of whom seek out our innovative coaching approach from across the U.S. and Canada. We are fast followers of the latest technology and training methods proven both in research and out on the race course. If you're looking to take your training and racing to the next level with a dedicated Blueshift coach, please contact us to learn more about our full spectrum of services.

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An example of the Doppler Effect where objects converge at high speed. The receiver sees incoming light waves as shifted towards the blue (or high frequency) end of the color spectrum.

Also the model inspiration for Blueshift Multisport coaching services, as the athlete and coach build a close personal relationship that shifts training into a new state of high energy and performance.

Why would YOU hire a coach?

Endurance sports such as cycling, running, and triathlon require tremendous amounts of time, knowledge, and resources. The longer the event, the greater the chances of making mistakes that will derail your best performance. Books and magazines can give you narrow slices of information, but a dedicated coach can build an integrated training and racing experience specifically for YOU. It's not about the workout calendar you stick up on the fridge - it's about the special bond that forms with your coach when you realize you're going faster and farther than ever before. It's much more than the number of miles per week - it's about the education you'll have when you reach the next level. Finally, it's not even about endurance events - it's about engaging in the full spectrum of human emotions and the personal transformation you'll experience by taking on new challenges with a trusted guide.

"To cap 2013, I did 10:33 at Ironman Arizona where was 1 hour and 45 minutes faster than Florida. My results surpassed my expectations and I owe that to Matt. His guidance, support, experience, and knowledge helped me achieve my goals. Matt was always there for me and I am extremely thankful for everything he has done in my triathlon career." -Breno M.

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What makes the Blueshift coaching philosophy unique?

As endurance athletes and coaches, we've spent the last 15 years tinkering with most of the training concepts and race strategies that you'll find in the popular literature. With so many variables in play, it's very easy to draw incorrect conclusions about your success on the race course. It takes a lot of data collection, analysis, and an open mind before the most important details emerge. We believe that the most effective coaching requires a more individualized and creative approach than any one system will champion in a book or research paper.

Is your current fitness built on a foundation of long, slow distance or VO2max intervals? Do you need more work on metabolic efficiency or lactate threshold tolerance? Good training plan design begins with a solid understanding of your fitness profile, then helps you adapt to the demands of your goal race in a fun and challenging way. Our unique intensity framework helps you execute to your full potential on race day, regardless of weather conditions, and also provides insights as to how to modify your nutrition plan.

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